Bucharest Florist - Terms and conditions

  • Delivery for public institutions
  • For deliveries to public institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and hotels, we need to have the complete information, including the name of the institution, the address, phone- and the room number with the name of guest / recipient. Please be informed that the most of the institutions might not allow a direct room delivery and therefore our local florist will need to leave the flowers at the reception. The hotel reception or front office staff might refuse to take flowers if they do not recognise the recipient. The flowers can get lost in reception or front office. In those cases, Internetflorist.biz will not be responsible and there will be no refund given.
  • When you are not happy with the service provided and the flowers the recipient received, please send us a complaint in written and a picture of the bouquet. Kindly note that we need to have a picture from above and the side in order to see the full bouquet. We must have the complaint within 2 days after the delivery date. Otherwise we may not be able to consider your complaint.